Photograph of pink and blue Eagle Nebula M16 from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eagle_Nebula_M16_LRGB_Composite.jpg

Willow Starr (They/She)
Associate Professor, Cornell Philosophy

Ph.D. Rutgers University (2010), B.A. Amherst College (2005)

Research Areas: philosophy of language (esp. semantics, pragmatics, logic), cognitive science and social philosophy.

I try to understand how humans use language in a way that sheds light on the human mind and our social structures. This involves trying to integrate ideas from linguistics, computer science, psychology and sociology with the critical and historical perspective characteristic of philosophy. It began with my Ph.D. work in the philosophy department and center for cognitive science at Rutgers, and continued as a Bersoff Fellow at NYU. I am now an Associate Professor in the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell.

sage school of philosophy; cornell university; 218 goldwin smith hall; ithaca, ny; 14853