I was born in Santa Fe, NM to unsuspecting free-spirited parents enjoying the physical beauty and cultural freedom of the southwest. After an education focused on art, music and recreation, I spent some time in Bali studying the local art, music and culture. A year into majoring in music and art, I converted to philosophy and math, and shortly thereafter left NM for Amherst College. Piecing together my intense (but vague) interests in AI, semantics and logic, I had the good fortune to end up studying these topics in graduate school at Rutgers. The amazing group of people I met and learned from there changed everything, especially my life partner and collaborator Sarah Murray.

In 2017, I was tenured at Cornell and we welcomed our first child into the world. Our second joined us during the midst of the pandemic in 2021.

I now use 'W. Starr' professionally, go simply by 'Starr', and my pronouns are 'they'/'them'. I identify as transgender (transfeminine) and non-binary.

department of philosophy; cornell university; 218 goldwin smith hall; ithaca, ny; 14853